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With my company, I teach small businesses nationwide how to organically grow and glow through one-on-one coaching, group immersions, public speaking engagements, and online training programs like The Simplified Small Business Series and, my new online course, Brand in Bloom. Through these teachings, I help businesses understand how to effectively brand and market themselves using strategic methods that allow them to better prioritize, conquer exponential growth, and obtain ongoing organic results so they’re always thriving. I would love to help your business thrive too!

Are you struggling with strategy when it comes to branding and digital marketing? Would you like a professional to gauge your progress and provide clarity so you know exactly what to do and how to do it? Here are all the ways we can work together!

Not sure how to kickstart your digital marketing efforts? A discovery call with me will help you navigate the landscape and nail down key starting points so you can finally be on your way to elevating your business.

*Clarity calls are FREE for the first 20 minutes only [one per customer]. If you’d prefer an extended coaching session, please contact Liz for more information: info[at]lizmuroskimedia[dot]com.*


One-on-one strategy sessions are for small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to refine their branding and digital marketing skills so they can strategically uplevel their business on their own with reduced overwhelm. This is the ideal investment for those wanting to take a DIY approach to strategically growing their business!

Do you know a group of individuals who would benefit from a professional group training workshop? Perhaps your staff, students or other local community members?

Group immersions take a wider scope approach to my digital marketing and social media trainings. For this, I travel to your facility to conduct a private training session with your team or other designated group on social media management and marketing for business. In addition to discussing the essential elements of professional social media networking and its powerful influence on branding, I will also cover micro-niche marketing and brand management methods that will help attendees learn how to obtain positive, prolonged exposure for business. I will break down organic [unpaid] growth strategies for optimizing social media platforms and the unique influence each has on public relations, professional communications practices, creative strategy techniques, the power of analytics and how to set up systems to manage all the overwhelm.

Give your brand the VIP treatment by outsourcing your branding and marketing efforts!

Extended partnerships require that your business conduct a strategy session with me in advance so you have a structured plan in place. I don’t want you to be populating your platforms without a plan! In order for me to effectively help your business grow and glow online I need to proceed based on our pre-developed strategy.

If your business isn’t quite to this point yet, that is a-okay! We can take care of this together. Just go ahead and book a strategy session with me first to get the ball rolling!


OR contact me for more information!

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