Hi! I’m Liz. A brand strategist and digital marketing coach based in Pinehurst, N.C. I provide heartfelt help for heart-centered small business owners who want to uplevel their marketing and truly see business bloom.

This is my story….

I’m a New York-born, Vermont-raised girl living in North Carolina with nothing more than a passion for helping others excel and reach their utmost potential. This drive of minedeveloped at a young age and, as I grew older, I realized that marketing would be an avenue where I could connect with people and do just that. Then, along the way, I specifically felt this overwhelming need to be a voice for small businesses and entrepreneurs everywhere.

With my company, I specialize in brand and marketing strategy for small business owners and entrepreneurs. I help small businesses thrive using effective modern, micro-niche marketing methods to grow their brands so they get more loyal customers through their doors, make more sales and feel more in control without having to spend a ton of money.

As a teenager, I remember watching a movie where a female publicist was working with a small business owner on the opening of a new restaurant in his hometown. Yeah, she hung posters and submitted newspaper articles, the standard “movie-glamour” side of the PR world back in the day. However, I specifically remember one moment in the film where she went the extra mile to help this gentleman pick an interior color for the walls of his new space and volunteered to help him paint.

It was then that I realized the kind of professional I wanted to be.

I didn’t just want to help market people’s achievements, but I aspired to be someone who felt fulfilled by their work and saw more than just a client and a payday. I wanted to immerse myself in meaningful work while helping others learn, thrive and succeed.

So, after all this time, I finally went for it on my own and LizMuroskiMedia.com came to life. To that end, I want to help you master your masterpiece. As a certified Public Relations practitioner (with a Bachelor of Science Degree in PR), a Hootsuite Social Marketing Certified Professional and Hubspot Academy Email Marketing Certified Professional (with several years of experience in the online marketing, social media and brand strategy fields), I can help you do that. 

Throughout my nearly decade-long career, I’ve represented both boutique brands and multi-million dollar companies to create strategic, innovative, high-performing campaigns. With my systematic approach to branding, social media marketing, and public relations, I’ve had my clients featured by The New York Times, The Huffington Post, National Geographic, The Today Show, Oprah Magazine and many more. My work has also been featured in PGA Magazine, Medium, Honeybook, WCAX-CBS News, and The Rising Tide Society.

Over the years, I’ve learned there’s a right and wrong way to develop and market a brand. The digital space seems like a scary place, but it doesn’t have to be if you know and understand what’s out there. It’s okay to ask for guidance, it’s okay to experiment with your business strategies, and it’s okay to adjust your goals if it means making progress to always improve and find new ways to THRIVE.

Now, residing in Pinehurst North Carolina, I teach brands nationwide how to organically grow and glow longterm through one-on-one coaching, group immersions, public speaking engagements, and online training programs like The Simplified Small Business Series!

Other fun facts

I’m also the co-founder of The Simplified Small Business Series, an educational online training program for small business owners and entrepreneurs, as well as the founder of The Small Town Social, a networking group in Moore County that consciously connects women from all walks of life. You will most often find me reading books, doodling, and adventuring around town with my dog, Gryffin.

Let’s get to know each other!

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