Power Pages: 3 Steps to Help You Master Your Media To Do Lists Like a Champ [FREE WORKBOOK]

Staying organized and maintaining a list of action items is the key to growth for any business. Personally, I am a list builder like no other. I need my daily tasks written and in front of me always….but, after a while, it was becoming too hard to keep track of everything.

Over the years, I’ve created lists, vision boards, filled notebook after notebook, and even used digital project management tools to help me complete my daily media tasks. At the end of the day, it all felt too confusing. The problem wasn’t that I was unorganized, it was that I had too many organizational tools.

To try and combat the overwhelm, I sat down to rethink my entire project management strategy and considered only the tools I actually needed to successfully keep track of what I had to get done for my business. In doing so, I realized less is definitely more, and, by the time I was done brainstorming, had devised a simple three-step method to make my lists way more understandable and manageable. Sometimes, it’s not about finding the next best thing to keep you on track. It’s about simplifying and knowing when to go back to the drawing board…which is exactly what I did.


A handy, printer-friendly workbook that contains my three-step method to help you manage your daily media tasks and master your to do lists so you can reduce overwhelm and focus on growing your business. 

Creating lists can be tricky and my new workbook makes it super easy. For years I struggled with prioritizing – how do you prioritize when everything feels so important?! This 7+ page printable workbook contains three power page worksheets (with examples) and a bunch of realistic tips to help you get movin’ and groovin’ ASAP!

And, guess what, I’m giving it away FOR FREE!


In case you missed it, last week I shared my best tips on how to organize and automate your efforts online. There’s a fun freebie there too! Happy planning!

Questions? Email me! info@lizmuroskimedia.com 

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