How to Nurture Your Network in 4 Steps


Interaction is imperative. Your ability to connect with your community is absolutely critical to your success. An audience may be comprised of fans, followers, and onlookers but, brand nurturing is what makes them an even more valuable entity – a community. Your ideas, your content, your value, and your consistency transforms your audience into your support system. They become your voice. Your community, because they believe in you and what you have to offer, are the ones who sell your services, your products, and your message – they define your brand. Community is always priority and, for these reasons, you must know how to nurture your network.

Check out these tips for nurturing your network that I’ve learned in my years of experience as a brand manager, content marketer, public relations and social media practitioner.

Be a thought leader.

You are the expert in your field – a trusted source! Own it. Your knowledge and how you decide to communicate that expertise is what sets you apart from the competition. Be forward thinking in the generation of new marketing strategies by developing innovative ideas that you turn into reality. Don’t just follow the crowd and do what other brands and businesses are doing – be a leader. Create your own meaningful material.

Vary content.

Far too many times I’ve seen brands get so sucked into sharing thematic content to hop on a trend that they lose authenticity and identity. Your marketing content needs to evolve with your community’s needs. Implement tactics, observe, evaluate progress and keep experimenting. There is no one-size fits all approach to content marketing, especially social media marketing. It is up to you to drive interest and keep sharing fresh ideas that align specifically with your brand – this builds personality. Don’t confine yourself to routines because it’s easy. Instead, ask yourself: “What do I want my content to achieve?”  Then, develop your own unique process and be flexible.  #MotivationMonday isn’t for everyone!

Build value.

Stop trying to make a big splash with your marketing efforts. You’ll see more success from making ripples instead. Build value by consistently implementing a series of smaller ideas and initiatives over time to spark ongoing interest. As you do, listen to your community and gauge interest so you can continue to create valuable content that benefits them as much as possible. In this way, you are more likely to build your brand equity and loyalty.

Maintain consistency.

Be present and make yourself available on a regular basis. Remind your community that there’s a human behind the brand by being a reliable resource and producing relevant content continuously. Keep communication channels open – don’t make it impossible for them to reach you – and, remember, there’s brand voice and then there’s actually having a voice. Join the conversation – acknowledge, engage, and contribute every day.


Nurturing your network is key….and it’s fun! Why spend all of your time and resources creating awesome content without having an audience to share it with? Grow your network by nurturing it.


Are you looking for more specific actions to take to grow your network of followers and fans? Let’s review your progress together and take real action! Contact me for a FREE consultation or become an Insider!

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